Friday, 25 November 2011

The Girl That

said YES

pikeboo : matching tattoos.

"I think I should move in to your house"
"What do you mean?"
"I want to be with you"

I wish I can be as sweet as Zooey Deschanel. Okie apa kau merepek pagi-pagi Jumaat neyh? haha. Okiela. Sebenarnya tak tahu nak buat apa. Waiting for my mum to fetch me at my hostel dari 7 in the morning tadi *semangat na balik rumah. I miss you Tv ! -.- so I pun melayanlah movie-movie yang dicilok dari mushroom-mates I neyh. Layan punya layan, da 4 movies I tengok since last night. Well blame the wifi !!! I wanted to finish my assign but then tiba-tiba limited line. Jadi layan movie je la. Kan kan kan? haha. Tengah layan cerita Yes Man lakonan Jim Carrey, baru tersedar semua movie I watched Zooey ada. She is soooooo sweeeeeet. Love her smile. And her eyes!! And her face shape is soo small that I think it's super cute. Im not saying she's perfect because nobody's perfect other than HIM. But watching this amazing creation makes me realized betapa creativenya ALLAH itu. SubhanAllah.Sungguh cantik ciptaanmu. Kan? :)

So I just want to share some opinions on her acting, and also about a movie called 'Yes Man'. So as we alllll know, Katy Perry adalah saudari kembar kepada Zooey. *Okie I tipu je. ngeh ngeh. They just have the same look, kindda similar voice, and same passion. They are both in the same industry so I assume pelanduk dua serupa neyh bukan saja pelanduk-yang-sama-rupa, tapi share the same passion. Agree? Well I tak pernah met my 'pelanduk dua serupa' but I'm sure "she or he" has the same interest as I do. :) But of course, there must be a lot of differences between us. *Lagi-lagi kalau my 'twins' tu lelaki. Errrrkk. Okie lupakan. But from what I see, Zooey neyh banyak bezanya dengan si Miss Perry Perry neyh. Zooey lebih relax and she's actually a shy-shy-meow while Perry neyh a bit open. Dari tafsiran muka, Zooey suka simpan rahsia and dia seorang yang feminine. Perry seorang yang suka mencuba tapi tak adalah eager macam si Gaga tu. Over kau nyah~~~

But well, I just agak je. I never met them so I don't know their actual physical traits. So please jangan saman I for the wrong info. *merepek lagi Dido Oi!!!! Enough ! Lets go to the movie pulak. So you all pernah watch  the Yes Man movie? Well I pun tak pernah until last night -.- Truthfully, this movie is awesome. *thumbs gerak-gerak naik. Jim Carrey yang hilarious itu sangatlah kelakar. *ada boyfriend gila-gila macam dia pun best. haha. Its about a person who DOESN'T like to mingle around with other people. Well its not his fault that he can't cont his life after got a divorce. *Hye,org yg sangat depress selalunya dari kalangan yang baru lepas bercerai okie -.- so dia asyek stay at home, watch loads of movies and always made excuses bila best friends dia ajak hang out or do some activities together. All he did was do the same routine for every single day. Pergi kerja, balik kerja, tengok movie, tido. And the same things happen in the next, next, next, next and next day. *berapa next ada cuba you kira.haha. And one day, his long-lost friend jumpa dia. Kawan dia suruh LIVE YOUR LIFE to the fullest. So he took his advice and went to the event called "say YES to everything" and on that night, after he said YES to a stranger who wanted a lift, everything changed. And on that night too, he met Ellison a.k.a Zooey. Since then, everything's change :) *okie cukuplah tu. penatlah na cerita semua. Apa kata korang tengok cerita tu sendiri -.-

So sebagai penutup bicara, *ecehhh.:P salam hari Jumaat. Kepada yang tengah exam, Wish you all best of luck. Kepada kaum Adam, jangan lupa solat Jumaat. Kepada yang bosan, jangan stay bosan. Try to make yourself busy. Get out, catch some sunlights, say YES to every invitations, say YES to your parents, say YES to your friends, and say YES to every positive things. Pergi tengok movie Yes Man ramai-ramai dekat playground instead dalam bilik sorang-sorang. Why not? Haha. XD Try to make your life beautiful. Be adventerous, and positive attitudes will follow you. Live your life, enjoy every seconds with your love ones and that is because LA VIE EST BELLE :)

and as for you Didi,you should start say YES too you know. You don't want to ended up be a lonely girl for the rest of your life ayte -.- 

"I don't want to stay with you...I want to marry you. What say you?"

doodle: people said I look like Acha Septriasa. I dont think so -..-

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