Monday, 16 May 2011

little pumpkin

becomes a pumpkin cupcake

pikeboo : pumpkin cupcake tastes good

so here goes. 
Happy Birthday to my little cupcake,
who hates cats, 
who loves red,
and a cute red devil.
Yup. She's Syaza Adela.

tootbrush: dah tua da. -.-

Thursday, 12 May 2011

kura-kura berlari

kucing pun kalah

pikeboo : mekulis lukis

Thursday thursday~ today is thursday~ *menyanyi macam Rebecca Black. Okie not funny didi. So its Thursday. And what so special about Thursday? Mestilah jumaat keliwon? *itu yang orang-orang jowo macam I selalu kesah la. But today I'm not gonna bebel about hantu-hantu yang ada pada malam ni eyh. *you are sooooo superstitious -.-  Cuz today we are going to doodle !!! Yeay ! Raise your flag peep !! Okay I'm not gonna be long. Just wanna warm up with something that I think might kicking up your brain. So as for a start, observe this image below carefully and create an object or anything that you can form from the image and doodle it randomly people !! It can be anything. Do it for 5 minutes or less. So kick your brain !!!

*weyh murah giler promotion pergi massage? nak juga !!  :O  -->

So have you came up with object(s) or image(s)? I hope so. And before I proceed, I would like to wish A Happy Nurses' Day to every nurse in the world, Including my mother who has contributed to the medic world for more than 20years now. Without all of you, the medic world can never be improved :) *tanpa dunia Medik juga, tak akan wujudlah Medik TV. Kahkahkah

Haaaa. Back to our topic,has you doodled your images? Maybe yes. Maybe no. This 5 minutes activity is actually to improve your creativity in forming images. No fuss, its only a fun activity. Maybe you can practice it whenever you are feeling bored or stress. Hey, doodling can help you reduce your stress you know;)


today's news:
Wan Azleela, who lost her three little angels still praying to God for her youngest daughter and the search crew will perform a 'solat jenazah ghaib' if they failed in finding the missing body by tomorrow. 

and ouh~ i just entered a comp for fun which is blogger of the year. sgt klaka. gelak la.

toothbrush : doodling while listening to BING BANG's songs can speed up your creativity. Cheers~ 

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Simbah-simbah acid

trend masa kini

pikeboo : selalu sangat main dengan hujan asid

Hello hello Mr.Wednesday !! Ouh forgot. Assalamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakaaaaatu ! *5 harakat -.- 

So its Wednesday. What so special about Wednesday? Well, People went out for KFC, dating, shopping and most of all; Movies. Why? Com’on  la. Wednesday kot. Movie murah? Haha. Talking about movies, Fast 5 sounds great!! But haven’t watched it yet. Same goes to Thor, PRIEST, Red Riding Hood, Source Code, Water For Elephants, The Roommate, and Doraemon! Anyway, I’m not gonna talk about movies since no one’s gonna pay me for my promoting session *duhh. Ingat I buat for free ke?  So, I didn’t watch any movies today and so as other day’s cuz I only watched TV3. *okie jangan percaya minah ni. But, something happened to me this evening when I was listening to The Cataracts’.  Hurm, ceritanya begini~ While I was busy getting my nerves to the beat, I got a message from one of my friends and it sounded like this;

“Currently, in KL areas like Brickfields, Jln Bukit Bintang, Jln Pudu, Bangsar, there r 2 indian men on a motorbike, likely to be crazy throw acid unto PRETTY GIRLS. So far 20 ladies already splashed with acid. Beware and inform all your female frens or loved ones.”

Cool isn’t it? Especially the ‘Pretty Girls’ part of course. Haha ! So, I was touched by the message because firstly, the message are dedicated for pretty girls. *get it?. And secondly, it is obvious that I’m staying in KL’s areas. Well, I did aware of this crucial incident since I read about this matter couple of weeks ago and I'm talking about real acid here. Not the acid rain -.- . However, I did not know that the doer is actually Indian? *well because the newspaper said ‘a man’ not ‘Indian man’ or ‘Indian men’. Anyway, what had happened here is really a national problem. *Now aku kesah okie. Because, I read that the doer also aim children and it is SOOOOO NOT COOL okay people. Plus, he is likely anti with people who wears uniform such as school uniform and formally-look. Well, as a civilian, I would like to inform all Malaysian, pedestrians and KL-ians *does that word exist? -.-  to be more careful because there are maniacs out there who wants to eat your brains!!!! *okie cukup didi cukup. ~.~

18SX (out of record)

Pernah tak tengah syok-syok mimpi tengah makan durian dekat kebun durian, tiba-tiba Barbie and Ken datang and buat project dekat depan mata korang? -.- lepas tu korang pun campak kulit durian kena badan diaorang and berkecai *yela. Patung kan. And and diaorang kejar korang pusing-pusing dalam kebun tu and bila korang bangun, korang berpeluh macam baru lepas lari. *walaupun hakikatnya kipas berpusing full blast and rasa macam duduk dekat kutub Utara. Tapi sangat tak masuk akal betul la mimpi kau ni Didi. -.-

toothbrush : kena kurangkan tengok cerita Barbie -.-

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Till death do us apart,

I will always love you

  pikeboo: where the paradise lies

This is for my people who just lost somebody

And yes, this is for Wan Azleela Wan Abdullah. A mother who just lost her three angels overnight. While almost everyone celebrated mothers day 2 days ago, Wan Azleela spent her special day searching for her daughter who drowned at the Ulu Bendul's recreational park last Tuesday. It has been a week now since the incident happened and the results are still the same. Her beloved daughters; Nursyaza Alisa, 5, and Nursyaza Azira, 4, were found dead while her youngest daughter; Nursyaza Sakina has yet to be found. Despite she is still unstable about the incident, she bravely joined the search for her youngest daughter.  

"I don't care about the condition of her body. I just want to see my daughter for the last time"

-New Straits Times-

Dearly God, do let this mother see her daughter for the last time. Amin

 toothbrush : heaven will always be yours

Monday, 9 May 2011

It's all about you

m o t h e r

pikeboo : when the skies smile at you

It's past 2300 but someone still busy making scene at the kitchen. Her face full with tiredness but covered with her never-ending love. Not after a while, her daughter came from shower along with her big brother. They sat on the small table, eating their supper, and the mother joined them. 

The fact that the mother hasn't eaten a thing since evening was clearly showed. 

It's mother's day and I was busy working. We didn't celebrate the big day but I was grateful that I didn't forget. All I did was making a small doodle and left it on her desk before I'm off to work. People might say "every day is a Mother's Day and why should we bother since it's only a DAY?" but did we actually celebrate it every day? Did we actually said "thank you" to them and show our gratitude? I bet not. So it wouldn't be a big deal if we just give a one day-off to them and celebrate them? Right peep? Took them to a picnic or at least take their place for a day? Do the house work for them or let them lying on their comfy bed for the whole day? like we always did EVERY day. Or to make it short and sweet, just tell them how much you love them. 

While eating the roti kebab, I guess that is how we celebrate this year's Mother's Day.
Happy Mother's Day to every mother in the world. 

Dear Mum, 
I love the very fact that it was you who gave birth to me. 

toothbrush: please do not let me down Red devils :(

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Don't hate me

Cuz I'm BEAU

theme : make-up with benefits


TOOTHnote : disebabkan jejaka pujaan hati saya tidak mahu melayan saya bergosip pasal cosmetic kerana dia sangat tidak berminat dan bosan katanya, maka saya akan meluahkan rasa tak puas hati saya disini dan post entry about...ce teka. ce teka. haha! 

Tadaaaaa~ Today kita akan membebel pasal make-up (yeah. maaf ye boys -.-) Okay first ting first, I nak tanya. Siapa ada baca atau TERbaca newspaper Metro last week? Yezza. Siapa yang baca or terbaca tu, mesti ada terbaca about Malaysian girl yang sanggup travel ke sebuah negara yang terkenal dengan kosmetik and plastic surgery hanya kerana ingin buat surgery dimukanya. Ada kan ? Ada kan ? Well, terus terang, siapa yang tak tahu negara yang terkenal dengan kosmetik kan ? Kalau tak tahu memang tak cool la korang. Okay mestilah negara Park-Jung-song a.k.a KOREA. Ala...negara yang you all kecoh-kecoh dengan K-POP tu ? *walaupun negara kita banyak lg talented artists, diaorang jugak korang nak kan? Okay jangan menyimpang, back to topic. Sebenarnya begini ceritanya, 

Pada suatu hari, seorang gadis yang rasa dirinya tak berapa nak cantik telah membuat keputusan untuk travel ke sebuah negara yang cukup terkenal dengan cosmetic and plastic surgery. Oleh kerana kos perubatannya sangat murah dan tidak membahayakan nyawa seperti teknik-teknik yang lain, gadis ini membuat keputusan untuk terus menggunakan khidmat di negara tersebut. Maka, setiap 3 tahun sekali, dia akan berkunjung ke negara tersebut dan mengubah sedikit demi sedikit raut wajahnya mengikut kehendaknya sehingga menjadi seperti Miss World 2020. -The End-

Jadi begitulah ceritanya. Honestly, I sangat bersetuju dengan tindakan that girl kerana bijak memilih cara yang selamat dan yang paling penting; JIMAT. Yeah, bukan I menggalakkan kerana bagi seorang muslim, mengubah ciptaan Allah itu berdosa. Tetapi, disebabkan gadis tersebut bukanlah seorang muslim, THUMBS UP la sis ! :P  Sebagai seorang yang telah menyaksikan sendiri negara yang penuh dengan cosmetic itu, memang I sangat agree lah. First time I jejak ke Seoul, I sangat terpegun tengok gadis-gadis Korea yang sangat vogue-ge-devas ! Mereka sangatlah cantik. Hidung mancung, mata bulat, gebu lagi! TETAPI, kenapa orang Korea yang duduk dekat Malaysia sangatlah berbeza dari yang dekat SEOUL? -.- Well, seorang kenalan I yang merupakan orang Korea telah menafikan 'natural beauty' orang disana. Ini kerana,dia mengatakan bahawa orang Korea ni sebenarnya tak cantik langsung. -.- ?? Katanya lagi, disebabkan penggunaan cosmetic yang semakin canggih and plastic surgery yang boleh didapati dimana-mana sahaja, telah memberi mereka kemudahan untuk mengubah diri mereka dari seekor ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. 

Truthfully, I sangatlah tidak percaya dengan katanya yang mengecop orang KOREA sebagai 'fake' sehinggalah dia membawa I ke sebuah gedung cosmetic yang sangat terkenal disana. Well, disana, I telah diberi chance untuk try out this one serum yang kononnya boleh menghilangkan 'laugh line' di tepi mata dalam masa 30 minit. *GELAK la. Lepas si amoi cantik tu sapu this one lotion dekat mata kanan I, I pun tunggu la around 20 minit. And yes. Laugh line I hilang and same goes to my small wrinkles yang dekat mata tu. I'm talking truth here kerana, mata kiri I still ada wrinkles tu and perbezaannya sangat ketara okay. And same goes to nose. Siapa yang nak buat hidung pun senang je. Tak payah cucuk sana, cucuk sini, just pergi jumpa pakar kecantikan, cakap na hidung macam MJ, nanti dia bagi you this one cream and sapu dekat hidung. After a while, krim tu akan menjadi macam pepejal yang melekat dekat hidung dan akan membentuk batang hidung. After that, barulah orang tu bentuk sikit hidung dia. Wait another half an hour, and DONE ! Yes. Dengar macam main-main je kan? But this is the truth. I sangat terpegun dengan teknologi mereka yang sangat simple, tak menyakitkan and NO SIDE EFFECT at all. Macam main-main je. Well berterima kasih la kepada doktor pakar mereka yang mencipta cara yang lebih selamat ini untuk memenuhi kehendak orang disana untuk menjadi cantik. Sebenarnya banyak lagi teknologi canggih yang telah mereka cipta berkenaan cosmetic yang dijamin keselamatan dan keberkesanannya. Sebagai contoh, BB Cream.

"BB what? Phone eyh?"

Inilah yang membuatkan I sedikit kecewa nak berborak dengan bf I ni. I penat-penat membebel about cream, dah nak habis cerita baru dia tanya. Rupa-rupanya dia ingat BB= BlackBerry. I LOVE YOU la syg ! haha. Yes. BB cream lah yang menjadi keilaan gadis-gadis Korea dekat sana. Apa yang bagus sangat BB Cream ni? Well, cream ni multi-function actually. Dia dah combined with foundation, powder and sunblock. So, after moisturized your face, all you need to do is apply this cream. Tak payah foundation, tak payah powder. Cream sahaja sebab dah memang complete satu set. So tak payah la penuh-penuh beg tu nak bawa compact powder, sun block, foundation, semua tu tak payah ! Bawa BB cream sahaja. And lepas tahu about BB cream ni, I sangatlah teruja bila Malaysia juga dah mula create BB cream dan meminjam teknologi dari Korea ini. Buktinya, CLEO and Women's Weekly keluaran May dah sibuk buka topik about BB Cream ni dimana Malaysia juga telah memasukkan BB Cream ke dalam Kosmetik yang terkenal di Malaysia seperti Clinique and Dior. 

-Women's Weekly-

So, kepada gadis-gadis Malaysia yang suka simplicity, BB Cream ini sangat useful untuk anda-anda yang sweet macam I ni. *jangan perasan Didi. Cepat-cepat pergi beli BB Cream and buang semua kosmetik you all yang tak best itu. Make BB Cream as your bestfriend and you wouldn't regret. 


As for me, I bought myself a BB Cream all the way from Korea and I'm not sure either Malaysia ada jenama ini atau tak. Anyway, happy BB Cream day pretties ;) 
*Agak-agak dapat ta jadi part-time promoter for this brand ? -.- 

toothbrush : semakin hari newspaper semakin membosankan. *sigh*