Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Just like the clouds

my eyes would do the same

pikeboo : nothing can make this thing right

“Why didn’t you continue TESL d?”
“And why didn't you take art? You told me that you’re gonna continue art. Aiyte?”
“I asked you first. Haha”

He kept asking me why I didn’t do this, why I didn’t do that and the conversation lasted till about an hour. I didn’t know why he ask too many this time regarding we are not that close.Yes. We weren't that close.We barely talk and hang out together. We only see or coincidentally bump into each other during lunch break or at the bus stop. But as friends, sometimes we just care. And that's just it. But I never thought that a small conversation that we had last couple of weeks was the last conversation for both of us. And now he’s gone. Gone for real.  

"Do you still remember the art and design interview that we went together? we both screwed up didn't we? haha"

my dearly GOD, please take care of him for us.
Ameer Zuhairy


doodle : the TESLians will never forget you. No we wouldn't.

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