Friday, 25 November 2011

The Girl That

said YES

pikeboo : matching tattoos.

"I think I should move in to your house"
"What do you mean?"
"I want to be with you"

I wish I can be as sweet as Zooey Deschanel. Okie apa kau merepek pagi-pagi Jumaat neyh? haha. Okiela. Sebenarnya tak tahu nak buat apa. Waiting for my mum to fetch me at my hostel dari 7 in the morning tadi *semangat na balik rumah. I miss you Tv ! -.- so I pun melayanlah movie-movie yang dicilok dari mushroom-mates I neyh. Layan punya layan, da 4 movies I tengok since last night. Well blame the wifi !!! I wanted to finish my assign but then tiba-tiba limited line. Jadi layan movie je la. Kan kan kan? haha. Tengah layan cerita Yes Man lakonan Jim Carrey, baru tersedar semua movie I watched Zooey ada. She is soooooo sweeeeeet. Love her smile. And her eyes!! And her face shape is soo small that I think it's super cute. Im not saying she's perfect because nobody's perfect other than HIM. But watching this amazing creation makes me realized betapa creativenya ALLAH itu. SubhanAllah.Sungguh cantik ciptaanmu. Kan? :)

So I just want to share some opinions on her acting, and also about a movie called 'Yes Man'. So as we alllll know, Katy Perry adalah saudari kembar kepada Zooey. *Okie I tipu je. ngeh ngeh. They just have the same look, kindda similar voice, and same passion. They are both in the same industry so I assume pelanduk dua serupa neyh bukan saja pelanduk-yang-sama-rupa, tapi share the same passion. Agree? Well I tak pernah met my 'pelanduk dua serupa' but I'm sure "she or he" has the same interest as I do. :) But of course, there must be a lot of differences between us. *Lagi-lagi kalau my 'twins' tu lelaki. Errrrkk. Okie lupakan. But from what I see, Zooey neyh banyak bezanya dengan si Miss Perry Perry neyh. Zooey lebih relax and she's actually a shy-shy-meow while Perry neyh a bit open. Dari tafsiran muka, Zooey suka simpan rahsia and dia seorang yang feminine. Perry seorang yang suka mencuba tapi tak adalah eager macam si Gaga tu. Over kau nyah~~~

But well, I just agak je. I never met them so I don't know their actual physical traits. So please jangan saman I for the wrong info. *merepek lagi Dido Oi!!!! Enough ! Lets go to the movie pulak. So you all pernah watch  the Yes Man movie? Well I pun tak pernah until last night -.- Truthfully, this movie is awesome. *thumbs gerak-gerak naik. Jim Carrey yang hilarious itu sangatlah kelakar. *ada boyfriend gila-gila macam dia pun best. haha. Its about a person who DOESN'T like to mingle around with other people. Well its not his fault that he can't cont his life after got a divorce. *Hye,org yg sangat depress selalunya dari kalangan yang baru lepas bercerai okie -.- so dia asyek stay at home, watch loads of movies and always made excuses bila best friends dia ajak hang out or do some activities together. All he did was do the same routine for every single day. Pergi kerja, balik kerja, tengok movie, tido. And the same things happen in the next, next, next, next and next day. *berapa next ada cuba you kira.haha. And one day, his long-lost friend jumpa dia. Kawan dia suruh LIVE YOUR LIFE to the fullest. So he took his advice and went to the event called "say YES to everything" and on that night, after he said YES to a stranger who wanted a lift, everything changed. And on that night too, he met Ellison a.k.a Zooey. Since then, everything's change :) *okie cukuplah tu. penatlah na cerita semua. Apa kata korang tengok cerita tu sendiri -.-

So sebagai penutup bicara, *ecehhh.:P salam hari Jumaat. Kepada yang tengah exam, Wish you all best of luck. Kepada kaum Adam, jangan lupa solat Jumaat. Kepada yang bosan, jangan stay bosan. Try to make yourself busy. Get out, catch some sunlights, say YES to every invitations, say YES to your parents, say YES to your friends, and say YES to every positive things. Pergi tengok movie Yes Man ramai-ramai dekat playground instead dalam bilik sorang-sorang. Why not? Haha. XD Try to make your life beautiful. Be adventerous, and positive attitudes will follow you. Live your life, enjoy every seconds with your love ones and that is because LA VIE EST BELLE :)

and as for you Didi,you should start say YES too you know. You don't want to ended up be a lonely girl for the rest of your life ayte -.- 

"I don't want to stay with you...I want to marry you. What say you?"

doodle: people said I look like Acha Septriasa. I dont think so -..-

Monday, 21 November 2011

a love letter

i guess

pikeboo: fire and ice

There were something in your mind.
What do you want to do?
Do you want a fight?
Want to say goodnight?

cuz its 2 in the morning

Even if you mad at me,
You know you shouldn't go to bed angry

doodle: we can work it out

Thursday, 17 November 2011

facebook buat hal ke

korang yang carik pasal

pikeboo : joshua yeryk vs Black and Yellow

nahhh!!! at last, keluar jugak hal pasal gambar lucah banjiri Facebook dekat NP. Korang tataw ? Siapa ta baca NP laen cerita la eyh -.-  so na jadi ceritanya, tadi macam biasa, baca NP sambil gosip-gosip pasal bibik main bola. *Biasalah, ada game malam neyh so bibik-bibik dekat rumah excited. Eyh lari topik -.-. So tadi I pun terbaca small article about Facebook. *kalau buat main topic mesti NP laku harini. haha ! So....Katanya, gambar lucah menguasai facebook *okie menguasai tu I lebih-lebih je eyh. Jangan salah sangka. -.- sebenarnya, Syarikat Facebook Inc. dapat aduan daripada pengguna-pengguna muka buku neyh yang menyatakan tak puas hatinya tentang kenapa gambar-gambar tutt banyak dekat Fb. *wow rajin jugak korang buat aduan neyh eyh? teringin pulak I na buat.Kejap lagi la I hantar dekat Mark -.- 

Okie cukup !

Jadi menurut jurucakap Facebook, Andrew Noweys, *siapa tak kenal dia boleh masuk geng I -.- mengatakan diaorang neyh kena hack. So again, hackers punya kerja. Truthfully la, diaorang neyh memang pandai cari publisiti kan ? Dulu Malaysian government kena. Hackers jugak. Now up sikit. Facebook pulak. *I pun na jd hacker la. Boleh jadi main figure. Popular gitu~ Tapi tapi tapi !!!!! kepada yang punya kepala neyh *ehem.! Janganlah hack dengan gambar-gambar tutt tutt. Kalau sekadar tiba-tiba chatbox pop-up says 'hi', wa boleh tahan lagi. *even dulu sampai nak sepak-sepak laptop geram punya pasal. -.- Tapi naked picture neyh buat wa lemah iman sikit. *apa kau nak cakap sebenarnya didi? =.=

sakit gigi yang teramat sangat, lets jump to the conclusion.~.~

Conclusionnya, tayahlah cilok picture siapa-siapa entah, edit letak tuutttt prostitute mana-mana entah, then upload kat fb. come on la dude. Kalau lu na buat private album lu so lu can CHECKIDAUT time lu tengah high wa ta kesah. Tapi bila homepage wa penuh dengan gambar-gambar macam tu, menggigil kepala lutut taw! *macam terserempak dengan Hantu Kak Limah you tahu. Sabor je la~ -.- So please la~ stop this madness. Jangan sampai I hantar 'surat' dekat Mark nanti susah you all. haaaa *cakap nak gempak je. padahal inbox je pun. surat = message. -.- 

and one more thing, janganlah korang cut and paste gurls yang pakai tudung. Hormatlah mereka.

peace out Harimau Malaya.

doodle: harimau malaya ngaum ngaum!!!! its a SE-LE-BER-REE-SIEN !

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Just like the clouds

my eyes would do the same

pikeboo : nothing can make this thing right

“Why didn’t you continue TESL d?”
“And why didn't you take art? You told me that you’re gonna continue art. Aiyte?”
“I asked you first. Haha”

He kept asking me why I didn’t do this, why I didn’t do that and the conversation lasted till about an hour. I didn’t know why he ask too many this time regarding we are not that close.Yes. We weren't that close.We barely talk and hang out together. We only see or coincidentally bump into each other during lunch break or at the bus stop. But as friends, sometimes we just care. And that's just it. But I never thought that a small conversation that we had last couple of weeks was the last conversation for both of us. And now he’s gone. Gone for real.  

"Do you still remember the art and design interview that we went together? we both screwed up didn't we? haha"

my dearly GOD, please take care of him for us.
Ameer Zuhairy


doodle : the TESLians will never forget you. No we wouldn't.

Saturday, 5 November 2011


Listes de lecture

Pikeboo : Je suis célibataire.

Hah ! wassup peep, how ya doin. So yes, I’m back again. Take it easy peep. Won’t be long cuz am gonna mumbling ‘a bit’ before celebrating aidiladha tomorrow.  Jadi, seperti biasa, if I’m not gonna talk about the NP, am gonna talk about movies, school or just playing around for a while. So right now, am listening to too phat and so gay about my new glasses. And yeah, I’ve changed my glasses and hoping no more pretending ‘ I can see’ clearly in class. Jadi tanak bebel about me, lets jump to the  conclusion.

*bapaklah awal gila da sampai conclusion. -.-

Lek lu~ korang na kejar apa awal-awal? Lembu pun ta habis bertafakur lagi. * not funny didi -.-  jadi jadi jadi, bagilah I bebel sikit dekat sini okie. XD so tadi, as usual, mama bought magazine GLAM. Not  interested on this month cover page cuz Fasha Sanda yang jadi cover page-nya tapi sangat teruja about the subtopicnya which is '11 most GLAM wedding'. Well sebenarnya bukan tu the real topic. Tajuk dia ’11 perkahwinan termewah’  * Al maklumlah, bercita-cita na jadi penulis magazine so selamba bapak badak je pergi tukar tajuk tu. Mwahaha. So wa pun belek-beleklah magazine yang jauh bezanya dari komik Gempak starz yang I selalu baca tu -.-

Jadi bila da khatam usya-usya bride yang comel-comel tu, baru I perasan its already November. Patutlah pun banyak wedding. Musim mengawan~ meow~haha!

Sebenarnya na tengok mewah sangat ke wedding diaorang tu and bila tengok, memang mewah pun. Berderau darah merah darah putih semua bila tengok-.-‘ Bukan apa, ta sangka memang ada jugak eyh orang sekarang yang suka buat kenduri besar-besaran? Mereka-mereka ta penat ke? Yela, bagi I, kalau sebut je kenduri kahwin, mesti terus keluar buble-bubble dekat kepala perkataan ‘PENAT’ -.-  tapi tapi tapi, diaorang buat kenduri besar-besar pun cuz biasalah, jadi raja sehari neyh sekali je kan. :) *tp mana yang kawen banyak-banyak kali tu lain cerita lah eyh. teettt -.- 

Well, but for sure, I sangat suka konsep Marion and Nora Khalid. Wedding mereka sangatlah sweet sweet cupid gitu. Eyh wait, uoll ta kenal Marion? Dios mio! Alaaa. Marion yang model tu. Pergi google pegi. Kasi incik Google exercise sikit. Haha. Okie I tanak jadi wartawan and start bumbling about them. Kalau u na tengok wed diaorang, exercise jari-jari uoll tu dekat google okie? :P

And since tomorrow is hari raya, *bukan raya maen bunga api tu eyh. Ni raya yang sembelih-sembelih lembu punya tu -,- I na ucapkan selamat hari Raya Aidiladha. Terima kasih kepada yang call and send text selamat hari raya. :) *Teruja na tengok lembu tumbang esok. XD  tapi esok maybe kena tolong orang masak untuk orang-orang yang tukang sembelih. Mood=malas -,- Tak pa ! Lembu punya pasal, anything for you my dear lembu ! muahx muahx ! haha.

And before I ciao cincau, selamat Hari Raya again, terima kasih kepada orang masjid yang bertakbir pagi-pagi tadi cuz at the same time, jadi tukang kejut I and terima kasih juga sekali lagi cuz bertakbir dari Maghrib sampai Isyak tadi. Sangat merdu and lapang je dada.^^ *eyh kau cakap panjang-panjang pun bukan orang masjid tahu -,-

Yela yela. I da habes bebel daa.Jadi kepada yang bakal mendirikan rumah tangga, make babies, goodluck guys ! and kepada yang semangat beraya berkobar-kobar, teruskan usaha murni anda and kepada yang sempoi-sempoi monkey, move your butt and start visiting your friends; mr.cow. <3

And oh yeah, yesterday I dapat birthday present in advance. A purse. Sangat terharu. Memandangkan purse da nazak, ta sangka orang yang disayangi bagi present. Eceh. Tapi si pemberi  kata jangan kecoh-kecoh. I nak jugak kecoh-kecoh. Sukatilah -,- Anyway, thank you soooo much ! I love you more than I love my boyfriend. XD

le moche -.-

So, till next time, Bonne nuit et a bientot ! :)

doodle : I'm late for my homework !!! 

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Ah well..

Fermé pour travaux
theme : la pluie

The sun looks pretty today and somehow deep down inside I hope it will keep her beauty till evening. The cafeteria was a busy bee. With the seniors’ voice that were too loud, my eyes were fatigue, my body was restless and all I could think at that moment was my big tender pillow. I didn’t give a shit about what my friends were talking about cuz all I could hear was some of the seniors’ voice coming a couple away from our table. What was that all about? Can’t they see that we didn’t give a damn thing about what they were saying? “Keep it low please.” I murmured. 

A year ago, back when I enjoy my happy hour with my Teslians, I don't remember going through all these phases cuz all I could remember was the good things that happened back then. All the never-ending laughter, the positive criticizes, the lectures and even the cute faces of the Teslians. I don’t remember people condemning others. I don’t remember making friends was so damn hard. I don’t remember we can’t prank or making fun of others while we were in class. And I absolutely don’t remember that guys can be really fragile. Or sensitive. Too sensitive that even when a small immature girl make a harmless joke, they take it personally. Tsssk Tssssk. Criticize is something that we did to improve someone. I don't think by praising the person repeatedly will help them gain something good and that just not me.  

And yet, I never thought of someone who I thought at the first place was an open-minded person can actually be a small-minded person ever. Calling others immature and unprofessional is actually picturing you. My former lecturer told me once that when a person pointing a finger at someone else, he is actually pointing at his own flaws. Well I guess that is why I never simply call people with those kinds of words. I’m afraid that somehow someday I will become one of them. And I do believe that when someone criticizes others, he can actually accept criticizer when it is actually his turn. But well, sometimes people just don't understand what does it mean by 'give and take'.   

I was soaking wet. My baju kurung weight with mud and my metal teeth started making a clicking noise. The rain was so heavy that my worries were washed away. At that moment, I just don’t care about all those things anymore. I don't care about my grammar, I don't care about people keep mentioning how different I am from them just because of my number. Or should I call it 'age'. I just don't care. All I know is that I still have my books to revise. I still have my guitar to play with. And I still have the rain to count on. To wash away every worry that might turn me into a blue girl. 


doodle : Je suis un solide fille :)

Friday, 9 September 2011

Untunglah kau

Makan duit rakyat

pikeboo : bagi betis, nak peha

Dah malas nak membebel. Dah malas nak type. Dari sehari ke sehari, ada je berita yang 'menyenangkan hati'. Nak protes tak boleh, nak mogok tak reti. Bila komen lebih-lebih, tangan digari, esok naik mahkamah tinggi.  Bila mulut dah berbuih memaki, rasuah yang dibagi. Akhirnya diamkan diri. Bukan nak tolong majukan rakyat sendiri. Tahu kikis duit je reti. Tak takut mati ke ? Lu langsi, wa hantar lu jumpa HITLER nanti. 

Esok nak mintak mama hantar duduk Bangladesh.  

I LOVE YOU sangat sangat
Terima Kasih

toothbrush : Nak sambut 1Malaysia pun tak ada mood dah. Mother F

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Day turns to night,

night turns to whatever we want :)

pikeboo : umpa Lumpa

"Janganlah panggil 'abang'"
"Sebab bunyi dia pelik"
"Habis tu?"
"Panggil macam biasalah. Obey~"

Do you still remember this moment? It happened 9 years ago. Yeah. I know. It was my first week at school and you were in your second grade. Having rough days without any parents around, you were always there to help me fit in with my new environment. Accompanied me during recess sometimes and walked with me to school every morning. Despite you wanted to hang out with your peers rather than with me, you never left me behind. And hey, teachers came to me like every single day asking whether we were somehow related.

 Fortunately, we were. 
And we still are. 
Till now, 
and forever

Our late grandpa always told you to look after me since you are the eldest.
And I can tell you did a great job.  

Happy 21st Birthday dear brother.

And Ryan Tedder was right. This has got to be the good life 

toothbrush : I always wonder when would Th!ck be as 'Th!ck' as her name :)

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Bila Malaysia Diserang


pikeboo : this is a SPAM !!

Speaking of hackers, has anyone watched a movie called swordfish? Yup. A story about hackers and I think the best story to imply a hacker. Okiela, if you guys tak pernah tengok, what about Transformers? Or The World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles ? Mesti pernah kan? Jangan tipu ! Well, These movies included some of hackers yang sangat eager to bring down and invade the government security. Cuma yang bezanya, these two movies about 'aliens' yang cuba untuk menguasai bumi dengan cara mengodam the biggest government security. Memang bunyi agak weirdo bila aliens trying to hack the world of cyber. I meant, betul ke alien wujud? And if they really exist, how can they actually read the code? Iyalah, macam mana diaorang boleh tahu semua ni? Diaorang pun belajar Programming ke? *Maybe belajar kot. Cuma kita je yang tak tahu -.- Okie lupakan pasal alien tu, back to our topic ! Anyway, there are also some big movies yang menitik beratkan cara hidup hackers dan mengapa mereka ni suke mengodam. Contohnya, Wargames (1983), Hackers (1995), The Net, etc. The Matrix pun salah satu story about hackers tau ! (Okie. Sesi promote movies dah habis.)

So mesti ada yang tertanya2 kenapa I tiba-tiba sibuk bangkitkan pasal hackers ni? "Dahlah kau tak selalu update blog, tiba-tiba muncul, cerita pasal hackers! Kau ingat topik kau ni ada orang na baca?!!" Okie peep. I paham. I paham. -.- So kenapa I sangat beriya-iya nak cerita about hackers ni? Well, for those who read the NP (Newspaper -.-), you guys mesti dah baca about Dragon Force right? So who is Dragon force actually? Band Dragon Force yang nyanyi lagu metal tu ke? Bukan kawan. Bukan ! Dragon Force ni adalah salah satu group (I rasalah) yang bagi I, cukup bijak mengenai dunia cyber ni. Well, manakan tidak. Kalau diaorang tak arif dalam selok belok dunia cyber, diaorang tak akan mengodam laman web politeknik di Malaysia ni tanpa dikesan ! Yezza. Siapa yang tak tahu bahawa Laman utama itu telah di 'conquer' oleh mereka semalam, neyh mai sini cek habak kat u all ! Laman web tersebut telah menjadi mangsa pertama bagi pengodam anonymous ni. Satu tak cukup, diaorang hacked lagi satu laman web yang cukup terkenal di Malaysia ni which is one of the web for tourism. So siapa yang nak melancong and log in ke web tersebut mesti menyirap je bila tengok main page dia dah bertukar kepada Dragon Force -.-  However, these two incidents didn't last long and thanks to those yang berjaya menyelamatkan these two web ni. *I rasa kan, diaorang ni die hard fans DragonForce la. That's why nama pun sama -.-

Tetapi !!!
*Cerita tak habis lagi. -.- 

Kerajaan telah dikejutkan dengan warning yang diberi oleh pengodam Malaysia ni bahawa mereka akan mengodam web government Malaysia pulak. Cool kan ?!!! serious cool~ *muka teruja. :O Walaupun terasa macam dalam movie, tetapi rasa takut tu still ada. Yalah, sebagai rakyat, takkan kita suka kan orang sewenang-wenangnya mencerobohi kita punya national security. Walaupun orang yang buat itu bukanlah alien. *terikut-ikut cerita Transformers. -.-  But at the same time, I sangat kagum dengan mereka ni yang sangat bijak dengan dunia cyber. *I thought orang Malaysia ni pandai main Facebook je -.-  Ada orang cakap yang hacking ni senang je, tetapi I tak jumpa pun mana senangnya. Kena pandai coding, kena go through lots of phases, kena tukar coding, baca lagi, coding lagi, arghhhhh memang otak yang macam hard disk je I rasa yang sesuai buat semua ni. Tapi kalau nak suruh I download guna torrent, I tahulah ! HAHAHAHA !

So, bercakap lagi pasal pengodam Malaysia yang dah mcm Hugh Jackman ni, I rasa mereka sebenarnya berang dengan kerajaan yang baru-baru ni menyekat 10 laman web perkongsian yang dipercayai melakukan kegiatan jenayah. I tak tahulah apa jenayahnya, tetapi kerajaan mesti ada good reason kan? Kadang-kadang kita tak tahu muslihat apa yang ada dengan web ni. Kita sebagai pengguna, tahu guuuuuuuuna je. Macam I, I tahulah I neyh buta IT, masuk je kelas ICT, terus letak kepala atas meja, terus tidur. Tapi I pun adalah tahu jugak serba serbi pasal cyber. And kalau orang yang lebih arif cakap benda itu tak bagus, I walaupun dengan hati yang hancur musnah bak dimakan anai-anai still akan menurut kata. Tak pernah dengar ke orang cakap, "kalau tak tahu, buat tak tahu. Jangan tunjuk pandai." *I tak tahulah mana I dapat statemnet ni. Tapi adalah kot -.-  

So kepada Dragon Force ke, Kambeng Merah ke, janganlah ikut perasaan sangat. Biasalah tu kan? Kita ni rakyat je. Kalau pemimpin kata No ! No lah. Jangan buat. Tapi kalau dah taksub susah jugak kan? -.-  Hurm....and kepada pengguna-pengguna pula, janganlah terlalu suka. Berwaspadalah. Manalah tahu, esok lusa, private account you kena hack? Haaaa. Dah jadi macam Vanessa Hudgens. Fuhhh. -.-  Okielah. Sampai sini je I membebel. Dah naik kematu jari-jari ni. Kepada warga Malaysia, selamat membaca NP setiap pagi. Kepada wartawan, selamat menjalankan tugas. Kepada pengodam Malaysia, teruskan kerjaya anda ke jalan yang lebih bagus and kepada pengguna Torrent, teruskan usaha anda mengdownload video2 yang anda minat. Jangan download yang bukan-bukan sudahlah.  -.-   

Till next time, Assalamualaikum~

toothbrush : Tengok, tengok jugak gerhana malam tadi. Tapi jangan lupa buat solat sunat Khusuf ! hehehe ;)

Monday, 16 May 2011

little pumpkin

becomes a pumpkin cupcake

pikeboo : pumpkin cupcake tastes good

so here goes. 
Happy Birthday to my little cupcake,
who hates cats, 
who loves red,
and a cute red devil.
Yup. She's Syaza Adela.

tootbrush: dah tua da. -.-

Thursday, 12 May 2011

kura-kura berlari

kucing pun kalah

pikeboo : mekulis lukis

Thursday thursday~ today is thursday~ *menyanyi macam Rebecca Black. Okie not funny didi. So its Thursday. And what so special about Thursday? Mestilah jumaat keliwon? *itu yang orang-orang jowo macam I selalu kesah la. But today I'm not gonna bebel about hantu-hantu yang ada pada malam ni eyh. *you are sooooo superstitious -.-  Cuz today we are going to doodle !!! Yeay ! Raise your flag peep !! Okay I'm not gonna be long. Just wanna warm up with something that I think might kicking up your brain. So as for a start, observe this image below carefully and create an object or anything that you can form from the image and doodle it randomly people !! It can be anything. Do it for 5 minutes or less. So kick your brain !!!

*weyh murah giler promotion pergi massage? nak juga !!  :O  -->

So have you came up with object(s) or image(s)? I hope so. And before I proceed, I would like to wish A Happy Nurses' Day to every nurse in the world, Including my mother who has contributed to the medic world for more than 20years now. Without all of you, the medic world can never be improved :) *tanpa dunia Medik juga, tak akan wujudlah Medik TV. Kahkahkah

Haaaa. Back to our topic,has you doodled your images? Maybe yes. Maybe no. This 5 minutes activity is actually to improve your creativity in forming images. No fuss, its only a fun activity. Maybe you can practice it whenever you are feeling bored or stress. Hey, doodling can help you reduce your stress you know;)


today's news:
Wan Azleela, who lost her three little angels still praying to God for her youngest daughter and the search crew will perform a 'solat jenazah ghaib' if they failed in finding the missing body by tomorrow. 

and ouh~ i just entered a comp for fun which is blogger of the year. sgt klaka. gelak la.

toothbrush : doodling while listening to BING BANG's songs can speed up your creativity. Cheers~ 

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Simbah-simbah acid

trend masa kini

pikeboo : selalu sangat main dengan hujan asid

Hello hello Mr.Wednesday !! Ouh forgot. Assalamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakaaaaatu ! *5 harakat -.- 

So its Wednesday. What so special about Wednesday? Well, People went out for KFC, dating, shopping and most of all; Movies. Why? Com’on  la. Wednesday kot. Movie murah? Haha. Talking about movies, Fast 5 sounds great!! But haven’t watched it yet. Same goes to Thor, PRIEST, Red Riding Hood, Source Code, Water For Elephants, The Roommate, and Doraemon! Anyway, I’m not gonna talk about movies since no one’s gonna pay me for my promoting session *duhh. Ingat I buat for free ke?  So, I didn’t watch any movies today and so as other day’s cuz I only watched TV3. *okie jangan percaya minah ni. But, something happened to me this evening when I was listening to The Cataracts’.  Hurm, ceritanya begini~ While I was busy getting my nerves to the beat, I got a message from one of my friends and it sounded like this;

“Currently, in KL areas like Brickfields, Jln Bukit Bintang, Jln Pudu, Bangsar, there r 2 indian men on a motorbike, likely to be crazy throw acid unto PRETTY GIRLS. So far 20 ladies already splashed with acid. Beware and inform all your female frens or loved ones.”

Cool isn’t it? Especially the ‘Pretty Girls’ part of course. Haha ! So, I was touched by the message because firstly, the message are dedicated for pretty girls. *get it?. And secondly, it is obvious that I’m staying in KL’s areas. Well, I did aware of this crucial incident since I read about this matter couple of weeks ago and I'm talking about real acid here. Not the acid rain -.- . However, I did not know that the doer is actually Indian? *well because the newspaper said ‘a man’ not ‘Indian man’ or ‘Indian men’. Anyway, what had happened here is really a national problem. *Now aku kesah okie. Because, I read that the doer also aim children and it is SOOOOO NOT COOL okay people. Plus, he is likely anti with people who wears uniform such as school uniform and formally-look. Well, as a civilian, I would like to inform all Malaysian, pedestrians and KL-ians *does that word exist? -.-  to be more careful because there are maniacs out there who wants to eat your brains!!!! *okie cukup didi cukup. ~.~

18SX (out of record)

Pernah tak tengah syok-syok mimpi tengah makan durian dekat kebun durian, tiba-tiba Barbie and Ken datang and buat project dekat depan mata korang? -.- lepas tu korang pun campak kulit durian kena badan diaorang and berkecai *yela. Patung kan. And and diaorang kejar korang pusing-pusing dalam kebun tu and bila korang bangun, korang berpeluh macam baru lepas lari. *walaupun hakikatnya kipas berpusing full blast and rasa macam duduk dekat kutub Utara. Tapi sangat tak masuk akal betul la mimpi kau ni Didi. -.-

toothbrush : kena kurangkan tengok cerita Barbie -.-

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Till death do us apart,

I will always love you

  pikeboo: where the paradise lies

This is for my people who just lost somebody

And yes, this is for Wan Azleela Wan Abdullah. A mother who just lost her three angels overnight. While almost everyone celebrated mothers day 2 days ago, Wan Azleela spent her special day searching for her daughter who drowned at the Ulu Bendul's recreational park last Tuesday. It has been a week now since the incident happened and the results are still the same. Her beloved daughters; Nursyaza Alisa, 5, and Nursyaza Azira, 4, were found dead while her youngest daughter; Nursyaza Sakina has yet to be found. Despite she is still unstable about the incident, she bravely joined the search for her youngest daughter.  

"I don't care about the condition of her body. I just want to see my daughter for the last time"

-New Straits Times-

Dearly God, do let this mother see her daughter for the last time. Amin

 toothbrush : heaven will always be yours

Monday, 9 May 2011

It's all about you

m o t h e r

pikeboo : when the skies smile at you

It's past 2300 but someone still busy making scene at the kitchen. Her face full with tiredness but covered with her never-ending love. Not after a while, her daughter came from shower along with her big brother. They sat on the small table, eating their supper, and the mother joined them. 

The fact that the mother hasn't eaten a thing since evening was clearly showed. 

It's mother's day and I was busy working. We didn't celebrate the big day but I was grateful that I didn't forget. All I did was making a small doodle and left it on her desk before I'm off to work. People might say "every day is a Mother's Day and why should we bother since it's only a DAY?" but did we actually celebrate it every day? Did we actually said "thank you" to them and show our gratitude? I bet not. So it wouldn't be a big deal if we just give a one day-off to them and celebrate them? Right peep? Took them to a picnic or at least take their place for a day? Do the house work for them or let them lying on their comfy bed for the whole day? like we always did EVERY day. Or to make it short and sweet, just tell them how much you love them. 

While eating the roti kebab, I guess that is how we celebrate this year's Mother's Day.
Happy Mother's Day to every mother in the world. 

Dear Mum, 
I love the very fact that it was you who gave birth to me. 

toothbrush: please do not let me down Red devils :(

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Don't hate me

Cuz I'm BEAU

theme : make-up with benefits


TOOTHnote : disebabkan jejaka pujaan hati saya tidak mahu melayan saya bergosip pasal cosmetic kerana dia sangat tidak berminat dan bosan katanya, maka saya akan meluahkan rasa tak puas hati saya disini dan post entry about...ce teka. ce teka. haha! 

Tadaaaaa~ Today kita akan membebel pasal make-up (yeah. maaf ye boys -.-) Okay first ting first, I nak tanya. Siapa ada baca atau TERbaca newspaper Metro last week? Yezza. Siapa yang baca or terbaca tu, mesti ada terbaca about Malaysian girl yang sanggup travel ke sebuah negara yang terkenal dengan kosmetik and plastic surgery hanya kerana ingin buat surgery dimukanya. Ada kan ? Ada kan ? Well, terus terang, siapa yang tak tahu negara yang terkenal dengan kosmetik kan ? Kalau tak tahu memang tak cool la korang. Okay mestilah negara Park-Jung-song a.k.a KOREA. Ala...negara yang you all kecoh-kecoh dengan K-POP tu ? *walaupun negara kita banyak lg talented artists, diaorang jugak korang nak kan? Okay jangan menyimpang, back to topic. Sebenarnya begini ceritanya, 

Pada suatu hari, seorang gadis yang rasa dirinya tak berapa nak cantik telah membuat keputusan untuk travel ke sebuah negara yang cukup terkenal dengan cosmetic and plastic surgery. Oleh kerana kos perubatannya sangat murah dan tidak membahayakan nyawa seperti teknik-teknik yang lain, gadis ini membuat keputusan untuk terus menggunakan khidmat di negara tersebut. Maka, setiap 3 tahun sekali, dia akan berkunjung ke negara tersebut dan mengubah sedikit demi sedikit raut wajahnya mengikut kehendaknya sehingga menjadi seperti Miss World 2020. -The End-

Jadi begitulah ceritanya. Honestly, I sangat bersetuju dengan tindakan that girl kerana bijak memilih cara yang selamat dan yang paling penting; JIMAT. Yeah, bukan I menggalakkan kerana bagi seorang muslim, mengubah ciptaan Allah itu berdosa. Tetapi, disebabkan gadis tersebut bukanlah seorang muslim, THUMBS UP la sis ! :P  Sebagai seorang yang telah menyaksikan sendiri negara yang penuh dengan cosmetic itu, memang I sangat agree lah. First time I jejak ke Seoul, I sangat terpegun tengok gadis-gadis Korea yang sangat vogue-ge-devas ! Mereka sangatlah cantik. Hidung mancung, mata bulat, gebu lagi! TETAPI, kenapa orang Korea yang duduk dekat Malaysia sangatlah berbeza dari yang dekat SEOUL? -.- Well, seorang kenalan I yang merupakan orang Korea telah menafikan 'natural beauty' orang disana. Ini kerana,dia mengatakan bahawa orang Korea ni sebenarnya tak cantik langsung. -.- ?? Katanya lagi, disebabkan penggunaan cosmetic yang semakin canggih and plastic surgery yang boleh didapati dimana-mana sahaja, telah memberi mereka kemudahan untuk mengubah diri mereka dari seekor ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. 

Truthfully, I sangatlah tidak percaya dengan katanya yang mengecop orang KOREA sebagai 'fake' sehinggalah dia membawa I ke sebuah gedung cosmetic yang sangat terkenal disana. Well, disana, I telah diberi chance untuk try out this one serum yang kononnya boleh menghilangkan 'laugh line' di tepi mata dalam masa 30 minit. *GELAK la. Lepas si amoi cantik tu sapu this one lotion dekat mata kanan I, I pun tunggu la around 20 minit. And yes. Laugh line I hilang and same goes to my small wrinkles yang dekat mata tu. I'm talking truth here kerana, mata kiri I still ada wrinkles tu and perbezaannya sangat ketara okay. And same goes to nose. Siapa yang nak buat hidung pun senang je. Tak payah cucuk sana, cucuk sini, just pergi jumpa pakar kecantikan, cakap na hidung macam MJ, nanti dia bagi you this one cream and sapu dekat hidung. After a while, krim tu akan menjadi macam pepejal yang melekat dekat hidung dan akan membentuk batang hidung. After that, barulah orang tu bentuk sikit hidung dia. Wait another half an hour, and DONE ! Yes. Dengar macam main-main je kan? But this is the truth. I sangat terpegun dengan teknologi mereka yang sangat simple, tak menyakitkan and NO SIDE EFFECT at all. Macam main-main je. Well berterima kasih la kepada doktor pakar mereka yang mencipta cara yang lebih selamat ini untuk memenuhi kehendak orang disana untuk menjadi cantik. Sebenarnya banyak lagi teknologi canggih yang telah mereka cipta berkenaan cosmetic yang dijamin keselamatan dan keberkesanannya. Sebagai contoh, BB Cream.

"BB what? Phone eyh?"

Inilah yang membuatkan I sedikit kecewa nak berborak dengan bf I ni. I penat-penat membebel about cream, dah nak habis cerita baru dia tanya. Rupa-rupanya dia ingat BB= BlackBerry. I LOVE YOU la syg ! haha. Yes. BB cream lah yang menjadi keilaan gadis-gadis Korea dekat sana. Apa yang bagus sangat BB Cream ni? Well, cream ni multi-function actually. Dia dah combined with foundation, powder and sunblock. So, after moisturized your face, all you need to do is apply this cream. Tak payah foundation, tak payah powder. Cream sahaja sebab dah memang complete satu set. So tak payah la penuh-penuh beg tu nak bawa compact powder, sun block, foundation, semua tu tak payah ! Bawa BB cream sahaja. And lepas tahu about BB cream ni, I sangatlah teruja bila Malaysia juga dah mula create BB cream dan meminjam teknologi dari Korea ini. Buktinya, CLEO and Women's Weekly keluaran May dah sibuk buka topik about BB Cream ni dimana Malaysia juga telah memasukkan BB Cream ke dalam Kosmetik yang terkenal di Malaysia seperti Clinique and Dior. 

-Women's Weekly-

So, kepada gadis-gadis Malaysia yang suka simplicity, BB Cream ini sangat useful untuk anda-anda yang sweet macam I ni. *jangan perasan Didi. Cepat-cepat pergi beli BB Cream and buang semua kosmetik you all yang tak best itu. Make BB Cream as your bestfriend and you wouldn't regret. 


As for me, I bought myself a BB Cream all the way from Korea and I'm not sure either Malaysia ada jenama ini atau tak. Anyway, happy BB Cream day pretties ;) 
*Agak-agak dapat ta jadi part-time promoter for this brand ? -.- 

toothbrush : semakin hari newspaper semakin membosankan. *sigh*

Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Prince Charming

is Taken

theme : Fairytale came true

Pada suatu hari, seorang putera raja telah merantau jauh dari negaranya untuk melanjutkan pelajarannya dan mengembangkan ilmunya yang sedia ada. Si putera raja sangat mengambil berat tentang negaranya dan membuat keputusan untuk tidak akan hanya menjalankan tanggungjawabnya sebagai putera yang hanya bekerja di dalam istana. Setibanya beliau ke sebuah university yang terkenal dan berprestaj,beliau berazam bahawa suatu hari beliau akan bekerja dan berkhidmat seperti rakyatnya kini.

Menjalani kehidupan harian di kampus dan dikelilingi rakyat biasa tidak menjadi suatu masalah kepada beliau. Mantan bondanya sering mengajar beliau serta adik lelakinya untuk selalu berendah diri dan bergaul dengan rakyat jelata. Justeru, sikap putera raja yang merendah diri telah menjadikannya seorang jejaka yang disenangi orang ramai di kampus tersebut.

Pada suatu hari, beliau telah terlihat seorang gadis yang sekaligus telah memikat hatinya. Kerana sikapnya yang ramah, gadis itu juga telah jatuh hati terhadap sang putera raja. Tidak lama kemudian,hubungan mereka menjadi perbualan para pelajar di kampus tersebut. Malah, berita ini juga tersebar hingga ke istana. Permaisuri Raja tidak memberi sebarang reaksi. Namun, beliau menasihatkan agar putera raja focus dengan matlamatnya sekarang. Kerana terlalu sibuk dengan jadual belajar yang padat, putera raja tidak lagi meluangkan masa bersama si gadis tersebut. Hubungan mereka juga semakin hari semakin renggang dan akhirnya, mereka membuat keputusan untuk tidak lagi bersama. Sejak hari itu,tiada siapa yang tahu apa yang bakal terjadi terhadap mereka berdua.

Si putera raja akhirnya tamat pengajiannya dengan cemerlang dan telah berkhidmat sepenuh masa sebagai juruterbang utama tentera udara. Kejayaannya sebagai seorang yang berpendidikan dan berfikiran jauh menjadi kebanggaan bagi rakyatnya. Suatu hari,takdir telah menemukan beliau bersama kekasih lamanya-seorang gadis yang berjaya memikat hatinya ketika melanjutkan pelajarannya suatu ketika dahulu. Dengan kedudukannya yang lebih stabil, beliau membuat keputusan untuk memperkenalkan gadis tersebut kepada nenekandanya-Si Permaisuri Raja. Hajat baiknya disambut baik oleh Permaisuri dan mereka diminta untuk menamatkan zaman bujang mereka.

Tanggal 29 April 2011 menjadi tarikh pilihan bagi pasangan ini dan majlis perkahmwinan mereka dihadiri berjuta rakyat jelata dari merata dunia. Kisah cinta mereka yang bagaikan ‘fairytale’ menjadi realiti dan perhubungan mereka bukan sahaja disenangi semua bangsawan malah rakyatnya juga.

The End

Fuhhh. So everyone's been talking about the royal wedding between Prince William and the fairytale lady-Catherine Middleton. And me myself, i had watched their lovely ceremony yesterday and it was FANTASTIC. A fairytale comes true i believe. As we all know, last night was a significant night for Malaysians as the Maroon 5 came down to Malaysia and performed for the second time but UNFOTUNATELY, i reserved my night earlier to watched this lovely couple. For some of you might say "why would you care so much? bla bla bla". Come on, everyone loves to watch a wedding ceremony right ? With the amazing view, the breath-taking moment, and of course, the bride's wedding dress. People, it is the most memorable and happiest moment for the couple and we should be happy too. *Takkanlah orang mengikat pertalian kita tak suka, tapi orang berpisah, kita hoorayy-hoooray kan ? 

I am not a fan of them but watching them tied the knot gave me this kind of feeling on how magnificent this nature to combined this two different people together. And looked at the crowd ! I believe even Justin Bieber can't beat them. Anyway, for those who watched the royal wedding, I guarantee they felt the same thing too. And for those who didn't, try to google. Plus, this is one of the current issues so if you are SOOOO up-to-date, you should know ! They are all over the website. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter ! And as for me, I also sent my wish to them on the Twitter. Well, everyone did. 

Anyway, congratulation to them and I bet the wedding dress will be a target for this year bride-to-be. Keching keching !!!! 

toothbrush : kalau Princess Diana masih hidup, I bet she'll be the happiest person ever.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


takut tak ?!

pikeboo : malam jumaat  :o

Assalamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatu kepada pembaca berilmu sekalian :)

Apa khabar? Sudah makan? Sudah mandi? Kepada yang sedang menghadapi minggu peperiksaan, sudah mengulangkaji pelajarankah? Kalau sudah, Alhamdulillah. Kalau belum, tak apa. Rehatkan telinga mendengar lagu-lagu kegemaran dulu. Tak pun, layan dulu muka buka anda. And kalau dah bosan sangat, mai lah dengar teman membebel sedikit dekat sini. Kihkih

Okayla. I pasti some of you guys might be really busy with your upcoming exam. And some of you might be frustrated at the same time too *of courselah sebab tak dapat pergi tengok Konsert PURPLE BOY aka Justin Bieber kan ? tak apa. Jangan frust, jangan stress. Macam Jesse McCartney selalu cakap; Don’t stress don’t stress don’t stress, cuz we gone, and we gone, and we gone :P  okay tak ada kena mengena. Back to our topic, for those yang masih tertanya-tanya kenapalah si Metal Teeth ni bukak tajuk pasal Hantu Naik Basikal. Gila ke apa. Kan kan kan ? :P

Sebenarnya begini. Sebentar tadi, seusai mama and nenek membaca Yasin, I pun menyibuk-nyibukkanlah diri ni ke dapur sambil mendengar perihal semasa yang orang tua-tua sibuk bercerita. Tengah-tengah busy membuat milo panas, tiba-tiba mulut ni gatal bertanya pasal ‘benda pelik’ yang selalu menimpa ahli keluarga kami. *kenapalah kau tak boleh control mulut kau ni Didi -.-  Jadi, dengan senang hatinya, nenek pun mulalah bercerita tentang kisah Hantu Basikal

Gulp :|

Kisah ini berlaku kira-kira 15 tahun lalu di sebuah kampung yang berjaya iaitu Kampung Lembah Jaya Selatan. *kerana kampung ini terletak di belah Selatan agaknya -.-  Ketika itu, tidak banyak rumah dan flat didirikan. Yang ada hanyalah kawasan rumah kampung bagi penduduk kampung tersebut, sebuah Sekolah Rendah Agama, Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan, sebuah masjid dan kawasan setinggan yang banyak diduduki oleh kaum Indonesia. Ketika itu juga, pokok-pokok rendang banyak didapati di kampung tersebut. Begitu juga anak-anak sungai yang jernih airnya. Sangat berbeza dengan suasana pada hari ini. Pada suatu malam, kira-kira jam 2 pagi, seorang lelaki yang baru tamat belajar sekolah menengah dalam perjalanan pulang dari bekerja. Seperti remaja lain, lelaki ini bekerja sambilan di salah sebuah kedai makanan bagi mendapatkan duit poket iaitu Pizza Hut *kerana Pizza Hut sangat fofular ketika itu ya -.-  Jadi, dengan menaiki motorsikal bapanya, beliau pun menunggang dengan pantasnya kerana hari sudah lewat malam. Iyalah, zaman dulu, mana ada orang suka jadi burung hantu ini. Sunyi je. Kedai pun tak bersepah macam sekarang.  Jam 11 malam, mesti semua dah bermimpi sampai ke Jepun *tapi time tu Jepun tak kena tsunami lagi tau. Sebab tu ramai mimpi pergi sana. Okay cukup ! 

Disebabkan angin malam yang sepoi-sepoi bahasa ligat meniup si jejaka ini, beliau pun memperlahankanlah motorsikalnya. *nak layan feeling la tu :P   Setibanya sampai di kawasan rumah setinggan, beliau pun mula memecut sedikit *sebab dekat situ kawasan dia agak keras :|  sedang layan nak buat KONA lipat di satu simpang, tiba-tiba satu lembaga kecil melintas. Si jejaka ini steady lagi sebab beranggapan mungkin kucing pemalas ketua kampung yang melintas. Tetapi alangkah terkejutnya apabila ‘kucing’ yang melintas itu bukanlah kucing tetapi sepasang kaki yang sedang ligat mengayuh basikal beroda dua. Sebagai tambahan, ‘lembaga’ yang melintas itu tidak mempunyai badan, tangan dan kepala. Tetapi hanya sepasang kaki sehingga paras peha. Kerana begitu terkezut, jejaka tersebut terus memecut dan tidak mengendahkan lembaga yang baru saja hilang ke dalam sebuah semak di sisi jalan tersebut.

Satu minggu selepas kejadian, barulah jejaka tersebut menceritakan kisah yang menimpanya pada malam tersebut kepada bapa dan ibunya. Seusai bercerita, bapanya hanya mengukirkan senyuman dan menasihatinya agar berhati-hati kerana kejadian tersebut boleh membawa kepada kecelakaan seperti kemalangan. Tambahnya lagi, jejaka tersebut sangat lucky kerana lembaga tersebut tidak mengapa-apakan dia.

Tetapi yang peliknya, mengapa lembaga tersebut berkeliaran di kawasan tersebut? Apakah punca-punca kepada kejadian tersebut. Adakah ianya hanya ilusi atau memang lembaga tersebut wujud tetapi penduduk kampung tidak pernah menguar-uarkannya?

Okay Didi jangan banyak Tanya. Curiosity kills the cat remember?

Okay kesimpulannya semua pasal kucing. Tapi badut lagi menakotkan. Sudah-sudah la didi. Kau dah habis takut sebenarnya kan -.- haish. Inilah akibatnya tak ada benda nak buat, lepas tu takut sendiri. Haha

kepada rakan-rakan yang gentar lutut dengan exam, buat yang terbaik okay.
And terima kasih kepada ezza kerana mentioning nama I di blognya. Malu kejap -.-
And till next time,
Assalamualaikum ^^

toothbrush : nak tidur jangan lupa baca doa :)

Monday, 18 April 2011

I can't speak English

laaaaa  :o

pikeboo : English Day

It's just another manic MONDAY
I wish it was SUNDAY
Cause that's my FUNDAY
My "I don't have to RUN" day
It's just another MANIC monday.

Sooooooo....who knows this song raise your right FOOT !!! Yezza. This is a song from The Bangles entitled Manic Monday. Why am I so obsessed with Monday ? *Okay bukan obses sebenarnya -.- Well, basically, actually, honestly, truthfully, the thing is I would like to make Monday as my English Day. So why am I choosing Monday as an English day and why English ? 

As we all know and experienced, we hate Monday. Don't we? Monday is the day where we have to forget about our weekend and start our boring daily life AGAIN. Wake up early, stuck in a heavy traffic, and face our boss or lecturer. Fuhhh -.-' And English, well....emmm.....I believe if I asked you guys about your opinion on English, you guys will said 'Boring' and started to make some sort of faces *which I do not know why. -.-  

Therefore, if you guys still did not get my main point here, I just want to make your Monday worst which you guys MUST speak in English every Monday. *Okay now I sound like my high school principal. Only I do not have mustache and beard like he does -.-  Well I do not have the right to force you guys to speak in English every Monday. BUT, I would like to welcome you guys to start pick a day as your English Day. I know we are not in high school anymore where teachers forced us to speak English every Wednesday and if we speak in other language, we have to pay 10 cent for every non-English word. And I also aware that I do not have the right to give you readers an advice or free talk about English. But, if we want to improve ourself and moving forward at the same time, we have to start think beyond our expectation. I believe that each one of us can think on our own now and differentiate between good and bad. And I also believe that we always said "aku dah besar. Aku tahulah fikir sendiri. Tak payah orang bagitahu" Am I right ? :)

So, I dare you guys to prove that you guys can actually stand on your own feet and prove to the world that you guys can make your best choice and efforts for your own good. Starting now ! 

As for me, I just want to make Monday as my official English day which I will post my entry in English. If you guys noticed, my posts are full with mixed languages such as in Malay and English. I enjoy writing in that way because I want to make it looks variety and fun. But on second thought, I need to improve my both language too. So I decided to take this risk. (Don't worry mr.English. I promise I will spend time with you like I spend time with mr.Bahasa and miss.Javaness. LOL? ) 

Talking about English, I think this language is easy but complicated sometime. As a Malaysian, we are lucky that we do not have the difficulties in pronouncing the English words. If you guys noticed, certain races and nation have their own slangs and accents that sometimes make their English sounds a bit unfamiliar. For example, in Korea, the people have the difficulties in pronouncing the 'R and L'; same goes to the Chinese peep. However, for Malaysians, it is as easy as Kacang Goreng. Right folks ? ;)  

Therefore, as an English speaker, I would like to encourage you guys to not afraid of speaking in English. If you guys can sing English songs, you guys can speak in them too. 

So start making your Monday or your other day worst by adding some English words okay loves !!! Keching keching !! 

On the other hand, I wish Best of LUCK to my friends who are sitting for their exam starting today :)

Till next time, happy reading. :)
And here are some commercials for you guys. 

toothbrush : My Grammar sucks. Just ignore them peep :P